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Update on the Big “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” Lie.

Update on the Big “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” Lie.

Posted by Edmund R. Folsom

January 28, 2022

For months now, Maine’s CDC has updated information on its COVID-19 breakthrough cases, hospitalizations and deaths each Friday.  Not today.  Here in Maine, when the numbers can no longer be bent to support official state dogma, don’t expect to see the numbers much anymore.

Massachusetts still provides weekly breakthrough case and death updates.  That has led the press, carrying water for the official party line, to embarrass themselves with statements like these, lifted from a recent NBC 10 Boston story:

“While vaccinated people are getting COVID-19, the virus’ effects are severely blunted in them, and breakthrough cases rarely lead to hospitalizations or deaths.”

“Massachusetts health officials on Tuesday reported just over 46,000 new breakthrough COVID cases over the last week, a sign of slowing case rates, and 274 more deaths in people with breakthrough cases.”

Yes, breakthrough deaths are very rare.  There were only 274 in Massachusetts last week.

The Massachusetts COVID-19 dashboard shows 46,092 new breakthrough cases there last week.  The same website shows a 7-day average of 9,657.7 confirmed new daily cases on January 22.  That’s 67,596 new confirmed cases for the week.  Adding the 1,124 probable cases to that number results in 68,721 total new cases for the week, of which 46,092 (67%) were breakthroughs – so rare.  Last week, one Massachusetts news outlet reported that 48% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 during the previous week were fully vaccinated – obviously, very rare.

In Maine, the backlog in the counting of new COVID-19 cases continues, increasing from the backlog of 46,000 positive cases that were yet to be sorted and entered in the books last week.  But still, with the new case numbers that Maine’s CDC has reported over the past 5 reporting days (7-day period), of the 5 Maine counties with the most newly recorded COVID-19 cases, 4 of them are the 4 most vaccinated counties in the State.  The other is the sixth most vaccinated, as follows:

#1 York, 102.09 cases per 100,00, 74.26% vaccinated population (#6 vac).

#2 Cumberland, 97.86 cases per 100,000, 87.31% vaccinated population (#1 vac).

#3 Knox, 88.36 cases per 100,000, 81.11% vaccinated population (#3 vac).

#4 Sagadahoc, 85.66 cases per 100,000, 79.64% vaccinated population (#4 vac).

#5 Lincoln, 81.25 cases per 100,000, 81.12% vaccinated population (#2 vac).

It was the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” lie that provided the grounds for vaccine mandates.  It was that same lie that whipped people into such a frenzy they have not been embarrassed to cheer the deaths of their fellow citizens, to call for them to be turned away from hospitals when they seek treatment.  Beyond not feeling any embarrassment about loudly proclaiming these perversions, the fear-possessed have worn their othering and death wishes of and for their neighbors as a sign of personal virtue.  I wasn’t born yesterday, and I’ve never seen the likes of it in this country.  The useful tools of totalitarians are everywhere, always. Many are now activated among us. What won’t they be willing to do for the authoritarian masters calling the tune?