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Woke Dopes, Drunk on Progressive Fantasy, Gaze Dispassionately at Their Sacrificial Altar, From Afar.

Woke Dopes, Drunk on Progressive Fantasy, Gaze Dispassionately at Their Sacrificial Altar, From Afar.

Posted by Edmund R. Folsom

August 24, 2021

Because selectively enforced law is a plaything of corruption, and because law cannot exist effectively in an atmosphere of systemic lies and deception…

The White House communications strategy that has worked so well for them at our southern border is not working well for them at all regarding Afghanistan.

We continue on a pace for more people to flood over the U.S. border illegally this year than in 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined. When anyone drew attention to the situation this spring, the administration insisted we were just witnessing a normal migration pattern. And when anyone referred to it as a “crisis,” the administration bristled that it was not a crisis, merely a “challenge” — Watch your language, racist, white supremacist, fascist, haters.

Earlier this month, NBC News reported that 18% of illegally present families released from border patrol custody are COVID-19-positive. Altogether, we are on pace to have over 2 million illegal border crossers enter over our southern border this year, so, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation is indeed quite a “challenge.”

But after the administration provided us with its approved euphemism to describe the border “challenge,” the President appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to deal with it, and then continued to do essentially nothing to stem the tide.

In Afghanistan, the only way out of the country for U.S. citizens and Afghan citizens who worked with our armed forces is now through Kabul’s airport. The Taliban have sealed all over-land exit routes. Yet, as the Taliban-imposed “red line” U.S. exit date of August 31 looms, thousands of our citizens remain unable to get to the airport through the Taliban checkpoints that surround it. They are stuck behind enemy lines.

While the administration hasn’t exactly done its southern border thing (assuring us that the situation in Afghanistan is just normal) it has come close, insisting that the Afghanistan situation was absolutely inevitable, to the extent it isn’t all going just swimmingly and according to plan. As for the language-policing part, the administration now insists it’s just plain “irresponsible” to refer to U.S. citizens stuck behind Taliban lines as “stranded.” They haven’t, however, told us what euphemism they officially sanction to describe the plight of the stuck – perhaps the word “challenged” has a soft enough ring.

This time our media, thankfully, are for once less willing to accept the administration’s nothing-to-see-here, stuff-happens, watch-your-language-when-you-speak-to-me, communications strategy. In this context, they seem suddenly to have realized the madness of it all.

May what the administration ultimately does in Afghanistan be a billion times more effective at fixing the “challenge” we face there than what it has failed to do at the southern border. In fact, may it be far more than a billion times more effective – after all, a billion times zero is still zero.

To put it more mildly than the circumstances warrant: Get our people out of there, you effing woke-dopes!!! Or you will not be forgiven.