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A Lawless Southern Border and a COVID spike.

A Lawless Southern Border and a COVID spike.

Posted By Edmund R. Folsom

August 5, 2021


Our federal government is allowing vast numbers of people to illegally flood into the U.S. over our southern border and stay here, a huge number of whom are unvaccinated and COVID-19 positive.

Since mid-February, Customs and Border Patrol has dropped off more than 7,000 people unlawfully present in the United States who tested positive for COVID-19 into the single city of McAllen, Texas (pop. 144,000).  And things are getting worse, not better.  The feds dropped off 1,500 of them just last week.

For a little local perspective, McAllen, Texas, is a little more than twice the size of Portland, Maine.  According to Maine’s CDC, Maine has had a total of 51,743 confirmed-positive COVID-19 cases throughout the entire pandemic. The number of COVID-positive border crashers the CBP has dropped off in McAllen, Texas, since mid-February represents 13.5% of the total number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Maine since the beginning of the pandemic, dropped off in just one Texas town!  Washington must really have something against those Neanderthal thinkers down in Texas — but what does it have against the rest of us?

Customs and Border Patrol encountered 210,000 people illegally crossing the U.S. southern border last month alone. Another 50,000 border crashers are believed to evade capture each month.  According to U.S. government figures, CBP encountered 901,122 border crashers in the first 6 months of this year.  Add to that 210,000 encountered last month and we’re up to 1,111,122 so far this year.  We are on pace to approach a cool 2 million border crashers illegally entering the U.S. this year.  Add another 50,000 a month evading capture and hitting 2 million for the year is a piece of cake.

For comparison purposes, CBP encountered a total of 2,060,328 border crashers in 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined!  Two million people are 1.5 times Maine’s entire population.  In fact, it’s just about the population of Maine and Vermont together. It appears we’re looking at 2 small states-worth of illegally-present border crashers entering the U.S. this year alone.

The federal government doesn’t test border crashers for COVID-19.  We only know about the COVID-19- positive ones because other entities are testing them.  And the federal government doesn’t vaccinate them either.  What percentage of them are COVID-19 positive during this time, when the feds have worked the public into full scale freak-out mode over the DELTA VARIANT!!!?  Who knows?  But with 1,500 COVID-19-positive border crashers dropped off by CBP just last week in McAllen, Texas, alone, very likely a lot.

It’s almost as if responsible adults of good faith and integrity aren’t in charge.