Posted by Edmund R. Folsom, Esq., September 30, 2017 (updated 4/16/19).

On September 16, 2017, I participated as a presenter in a continuing legal education seminar, in Saco, organized by Scott Houde, Esq.  My topic was various ways people lose their Second Amendment right to keep and bear firearms when they are found to have violated certain Maine and federal statutes.  My (slightly modified) written materials appear below.

The Maine and federal statutes that bar people from possessing firearms, and their interplay, is immensely complicated.  In the CLE materials, I attempted to run a thread through the firearms possession issues that lawyers run into in day-to-day practice, and to create an organized reference source for details that too easily slip from memory.  I already crawled through much of this briar patch for earlier blog posts (here and here), which gave me a jump on the project.  But, still, it would be a waste if the materials were used only to jog my own memory and those of a handful of people who were at the September 26, 2017, seminar.   So, here they are, with a couple of minor additions.  The last page is a copy of page 1 of a protection from abuse order form, showing the dangerous check-boxes discussed in Section 11 of the materials.

Be warned though, the following work is not intended as legal advice and should in no way be relied upon as legal advice.  It is information, only, and I strongly encourage readers to consult the cited source materials and to reach their own conclusions, based on the statutes and applicable case law, and not on these materials alone.




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