Suspensions Book 2016The 2016 edition of my book, Maine Driver’s License Suspensions, Revocations and Related Offenses (non-OUI), is now available, from the following sources:

— From the publisher, (hard copy or  PDF):

— From me, by requests sent to Edmund Folsom, P.O. Box 2100, Biddeford, ME 04005-2100, with a check payable to  the same for $35.00 (including shipping and tax).

— From

The book is intended as a reference book for attorneys who practice in this area of law. Over the years, I’ve noticed a lot of confusion about the interplay between actions of the courts and the BMV and about exactly how that interplay affects a person’s license status in particular circumstances.  So, I’ve crawled through the weeds and laid it out in this book, hopefully in a way that allows the reader to quickly locate the sections of the book that deal with his or her particular circumstances at that particular time.  Basically, the book surveys the various reasons for a person’s license to become suspended or revoked; the various available avenues to try to avoid a suspension or revocation; the forms of relief available to those who are suspended or revoked; the elements of proof for OAS and OAR offenses; factors that lead (and don’t lead) to mandatory enhanced punishment; and statutory, due process and confrontation clause issues pertaining to proof of operating without a license, operating beyond restriction, OAS and OAR offenses.  The book doesn’t cover OUI-related suspensions and revocations because I already covered those topics in my previous book. If you got any use from my OUI book, I think you’ll find this one useful as well.   You’ll no doubt go to a number of CLE’s where you’ll spend $30.00 for ½ hour of credit, and when you’re done with that ½ hour you might retain one useful point of law (you know it’s true).   Granted, you won’t get CLE credit for using this book, but you’ll have a lot more practical, useful information at your fingertips than you’ll get from any hour of CLE credit you’ll earn this year.

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