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People like to ask criminal defense attorneys how they can represent someone when they know the client “did it.”  

Well, one thing I’m sure of is everyone makes mistakes.  

The trouble is, mistakes born of nothing more malicious than inattention or a lapse in judgment can land a person in life-altering trouble with the criminal law.   

Another thing I’m sure of is that people are frequently charged with more crimes and with greater crimes than they actually committed.  

When you land on the wrong side of the law, there’s often a “piling on” that occurs.  Helping a person avoid a criminal conviction for something he or she didn’t do or avoid undue punishment for a lesson-learned mistake that’s out of character and won’t be repeated are well worth doing.   

Sometimes, a defense attorney might find a so-called “technicality” or “loophole” that makes a charge go away.   When that happens, I’m happy to do my job, making sure the State adheres to the rules that it wrote in the first place.   And when the evidence doesn’t establish the commission of the charged crime beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, I have to wonder how anyone else can be so sure the client actually “did it.”  

It should come as no surprise to anyone that, if you are charged with a crime, the police and the D.A.’s are not on your side.  Hire and experienced Maine OUI Lawyer today!

You need an OUI Attorney with a depth of knowledge and experience in criminal law who will use that knowledge, experience and his best judgment to defend you to the best of his ability.   That’s what I do.   If you are charged with a crime, contact me.  I’ll help you assess your situation and discuss how to best navigate through this very unpleasant time in your life.